Communicating the External Beam Radiotherapy Experience (CEBRE)

The Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence at the University of Chicago and the Radiation Oncology Institute are funding development of novel education materials for patients receiving radiotherapy. The Communicating the External Beam Radiotherapy Experience (CEBRE) discussion guides are designed as graphic narrative tools to facilitate patient-physician communication during the initial consultation prior to radiotherapy. There are four versions of the CEBRE discussion guide including a General version that can be used for all disease sites and Lung, Breast, and Prostate versions for each of those disease sites. Work is ongoing to develop Head/Neck, CNS, and GI guides during 2021.

To download the CEBRE discussion guides and associated materials CLICK HERE.

To download the Communicating the Gynecologic Brachytherapy Experience (CoGBE) guides developed by ROECSG, the University of Chicago Gynecologic Brachytherapy service, and IIT, CLICK HERE.

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