ROECSG Membership

Membership in ROECSG is open to individuals at all training levels (attending, resident, medical student) and professions as well as corporations. Membership benefits include a subscription to the ROECSG Report, priority access to ROECSG events such as the Annual Spring Symposium and other ROECSG events (workshops, meet-and-greets, etc), and access to ROECSG educational materials.

Membership plans:
Note: All plans are billed annually on July 1. Signing up mid-year will result in a pro-rated membership fee.


  • Active membership (100% isodose line) – $300/year
  • Active membership (50% isodose line) – $150/year
  • Allied Health Professional – $75/year
  • Resident/Fellow Member-in-Training – $50/year
  • Student Member-in-Training – Free
  • General Membership – Free


  • Residency program membership – $500/year
  • Corporate membership (<$10M in sales/year) – $1,500/year
  • Corporate membership ($10M to $100M in sales/year) – $3,000/year
  • Corporate membership (>$100M in sales/year) – $4,500/year

Member institutions

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