Radiation Oncology Medical Education References

This is a comprehensive list of radiation oncology medical education references maintained through Zotero, a free reference manager. The list is updated approximately every 3 months with new publications pertaining to radiation oncology medical education. You can join the Zotero group and use the references. Although this list is comprehensive, there is no guarantee that all references pertaining to a particular subject are included. Please conduct your own primary literature review when beginning a radiation oncology medical education project or drafting a manuscript.

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To see references sorted by specific topics open the subfolders by clicking on “ROECSG #MedEd references” on the left and selecting your topic of interest.

Double-clicking on a reference will usually take you to the journal article or PubMed website.

If you would like to add a reference or provide feedback on this list of references, please contact info@roecsg.org.