Core Curriculum

The ROECSG Core Curriculum Expert Delphi Consensus project aims to develop a United States radiation oncology curricular framework by defining Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) and content domains. The development of such a curricular framework will be the first of its kind within our field.

The goal of this research is to develop a mutually-defined radiation oncology curricular framework via a formalized Delphi process. The ultimate goal will be to produce a list of EPAs and content domains with suggested curriculum weightings.

EPAs are a commonly utilized approach in the Competence by Design learning model. EPAs focus on a practical approach to assessing competence in learners. The Delphi technique is an established method to achieve consensus of opinion from stakeholders and experts on a certain topic area. Developing a consensus list of radiation oncology clinical EPAs and content domains through multiple Delphi rounds will help to define the national radiation oncology curriculum and guide assessment of trainees within the field.

Participation is in this process is open to any of the following individuals that currently practice or work in the United States:

  • Practicing radiation oncologist (academic or private practice)
  • PGY3, PGY4, or PGY5 radiation oncology resident
  • Radiation oncology fellows that completed radiation oncology residency in the United States
  • Radiation biologist
  • Radiation physicist
  • Medical dosimetrist
  • Radiation oncology nurse
  • Radiation oncology APP (PA. NP, etc.)
  • Radiation therapist (RTT)
  • Patient that received radiotherapy
  • Medical education expert
  • Other professional with expertise pertaining to radiation oncology residency training in the United States (will need to specify expertise and how it is applicable to US radiation oncology GME)

Participating in this project includes completing two online surveys, each taking approximately 60-90 minutes. During these surveys you will critique and provide feedback on a draft list of radiation oncology clinical EPAs and content domains. You will also have an opportunity to suggest additional EPAs and content domains for incorporation into a final consensus list. Detailed instructions will be provided on the Delphi survey to guide you through the process.

Participation is completely voluntary.

Please contact us at with any questions or concerns.


The ROECSG Core Curriculum Project Leadership Committee