Hi-Phy Physics Videos

Hi-Phy is a set of high-yield physics concept videos made specifically for radiation oncology residents through a multidisciplinary and multi-institutional collaboration. For more information contact hiphyradonc@gmail.com.

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HiPhy #1: Factors Affecting Dose Calculations

HiPhy #2: Dose Calculation Examples

HiPhy #3: Photon Penumbra

HiPhy #4: Photon Field Matching (CSI)

HiPhy Team Members:

Gabrielle W Peters MD – Yale University
Suzanne B Evans MD – Yale University
Eric Ford PhD – University of Washington
Jay Burmeister PhD – Wayne State University
Holly Lincoln MS, DABR – Yale University
Titania Juang PhD – University of California, San Diego
Derek Brown – University of California, San Diego
Todd Atwood PhD – University of California, San Diego

Graphics by Doug Forbusch at Yale Broadcasting